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TOEFL Junior Test Book: Journey to TOEFL IBT

TOEFL Junior Test Book: Journey to TOEFL IBT


The tests in this book will provide a standard and consistent measure of your proficiency level of English, which is recognized worldwide. This test book meets the ETS standards and is based upon international assessments of English language proficiency for both young, K-12 students and young adult learners. The tests and the tips given in this book will help you prepare yourselves for the TOEFL IBT. As the TOEFL tests are universally recognized, this book will appeal to all ESL learners around the world.

To sum up, the test is not appropriate for those who have not yet attained a basic level of proficiency.

I hope my book will be of great help and all of you will take the advantage of my questions during your journey to the TOEFL tests.

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