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Lasting Smile


Test sessions begin when you are admitted to the test center and end when you leave. See the TOEIC Bridge® Examinee Handbook (PDF) for more detailed information about test center procedures. 

What to Bring

You must bring the following information and materials with you on test day:

  • Two forms of valid identification (ID) with your name, signature and photograph. ID cannot be expired. Acceptable forms of valid identification include:

    • Passport

    • Driver's license

    • State ID

    • National ID

    • Military ID

  • Two #2 pencils with good erasers.

Prohibited Personal Items

You are not allowed to keep your personal belongings with you during the test. Personal belongings may be left in your car or a locker if one is provided at the test center.

Prohibited personal items include, but are not limited to:

  • purses

  • pocketbooks

  • backpacks

  • cell phones

  • any electronic devices

  • calculators

  • watch alarms

  • mobile phones

  • listening devices

  • recording or photographic equipment

  • books

  • dictionaries

How to Prepare

Being well rested and relaxed on the day of the test is as important as studying and practicing your language skills before the test. Here are some things you can do to put yourself in a good frame of mind on test day:

  • Dress comfortably for any room temperature.

  • Eat a well-balanced meal before the test.

  • Review the TOEIC Bridge® Examinee Handbook (PDF) sample questions.

  • Allow plenty of time to arrive at the test center on schedule.

  • Be sure to have directions to the test center beforehand.

During the Test

  • Work carefully and quickly.

  • Do not linger on any one question.

  • Mark answers on the answer sheet and not in the answer book.

  • Write neatly.

  • Try to answer every question to the best of your ability.

  • Pay attention to the time and pace yourself accordingly.

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