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Teachers are instrumental in helping young students achieve their learning goals. Parents also play a crucial role in all educational achievements.

By working together with teachers, you can provide the support and guidance that your child needs to reach his or her goals.

Score Reports That Guide Parents

The feedback received in a TOEFL Primary® score report is designed to help lead the way. With the detailed information provided in each report, you will gain a clear understanding of your child’s abilities in English, as well as areas that need improvement.


Your child's level, which is shown as stars (Step 1 test), badges (Step 2 test) or ribbons (Speaking test) comes with "can do" information that describes your child's current English-language abilities. The level also comes with next steps that you, your child, and your child's teacher can take to help improve proficiency and move to the next level.

Scale Score

Scale scores help to show progress within a level when students take the test more than once.

CEFR Levels

The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) is a standard used by educators worldwide to describe students' language proficiencies. TOEFL Primary scores are mapped to CEFR levels, so you will know about your child's abilities in relation to a widely accepted international standard.

Lexile® Reading Measures from MetaMetrics® Inc.

TOEFL Primary Reading and Listening score reports provide a Lexile measure to help identify books at the appropriate reading level for a student. Lexile measures, from MetaMetrics Inc., are based on a developmental scale for measuring both readers and texts and are the standard for matching readers with appropriate texts. Millions of English-language learners and teachers worldwide use Lexile measures to improve reading in English and track progress over time. The online service for matching Lexile measures and books is free and easy to use.

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