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How the TOEIC Bridge Test Benefits You

As a fair and objective measure of English proficiency for beginning to lower-intermediate level learners, the TOEIC Bridge test enables you to verify your current level of English-language proficiency, set your own goals and monitor your progress in learning English.

The test examines comprehensive Listening and Reading skills and prepares you for the next level of English-language learning.

Through evidence-centered test design, standardized and secured testing procedures, Eduforafrica ensures that:

  • test takers have the same testing experience no matter the place and time

  • no test taker is unfairly advantaged or disadvantaged

  • test scores remain fair and comparable across administrations

Advance Your Career

The TOEIC Bridge test is an accurate measure of proficiency in beginning to intermediate English. It can help you:

  • show instructors or employers you are ready for success at the next academic or workplace level

  • be placed at the appropriate level in a program

  • establish personal language-learning goals and monitor your progress

  • learn which areas you need improvement in

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